It is good to be grateful

This month join as a church to practice gratefulness.


Take a large coffee cup (or if a family use a bowl) and a pad of sticky notes or slips of paper. Over the month, write on a slip of paper 3 things or people for whom you are grateful and say WHY.

  • At least once a week, consider how a kind action towards you cost someone.
  • Put the paper slip into the cup. Can you fill a cup in a week?
  • Once the cup fills up with gratitude notes, re-read a few before starting over.
  • Consider how you see God’s hand in these blessings and give thanks.


Are you thankful when times are tough? We all know how tough this is. We can thank God when life is great, but how can we live thankfully in difficult times?

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Choose a person you are really grateful for and write them a letter of thanks. Be honest and specific. The more effort and heart you put into writing your letter, the more your message will mean to the other person.

You can include anything you want, but be sure to describe:

  • The ways this person helped you
  • How this person’s kindness made your life better
  • Recognise the time or effort it cost that person to help you
  • Why this person chose to help you
  • How you feel about this person

Once you have written your letter, give it to the other person. This activity will work best if you read the letter in person. It may feel a bit awkward, but it will have a great impact on both of you.

Gratefulness lifts you, others, and honours God.

“My cup overflows” David writes in Psalm 23. David saw God’s blessings everywhere. David knew at all times and through all things his God provides and protects

"You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life"
Psalm 23

God pours so much goodness into our lives. From God’s kindness, we celebrate, offer thanks, and give God glory. Take the opportunity to record blessings, thank others, share God’s goodness.

Our Thanksgiving Offering is a free will opportunity to give thanks for God’s work through our church. In times like these, we look for God’s people to be a beacon of hope.


Over the past 4 years our Thanksgiving offering has contributed $175,000 towards the repair of our roof, renovating our rear hall, upgrading our carpark, Tinsley hall, Electrical systems, sound system.

Recently we have refreshed our main auditorium, updating colours, fans, lighting, speaker systems.


This year we seek, in faith, a Thanksgiving target of $50,000. This can be met if 40 individuals or families gave an additional $25/week (total gift of $1300) over the next year.

A Thanksgiving Offering is a pledge or gift over and above our current regular Offering. God has been incredibly generous and kind to us. Let us take the opportunity to give thanks to God for all He has done

On Sunday 19th September we will receive our Thanksgiving Commitments and Gifts (or place in Offering bag in any service until Oct 31)

Giving Options

Prayerfully decide the level of commitment you can make.


One-Off Gift

One-Off GiftBring a Thanksgiving Offering on Thanksgiving Sunday.
  • This is a one-off free-will offering.
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Account Details
Account BSB 704 922
Account No. 100006488
Please include in transfer description: ‘Thanksgiving’.


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Give in the Thanksgiving Service

For alternative giving arrangements, please contact the Church office.

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We know God looks to use our provision of time, energy, skills and finances to bring His good to our world. What more does God have in store? We look forward with anticipation to what God might do.