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22 May 2022

Members Meeting Notice Sunday 29 MAY 2022

Sunday 29 May, following the service at 11.45am, a Member’s meeting will be held. The Agenda and papers will be emailed to members. Paper copies will also be available from the front table in the church near the baptistry.

If members would like to discuss any matters further, please make contact with the Chair Andy Edelsten or Pastor Jason Hoet.

Help wanted! Unley High School Breakfast program

The chaplain at Unley High School is looking for church volunteers to help out with the breakfast program he runs each Wednesday morning. They prepare and start cooking pancakes at 8am.

If you are interested and available, please contact Generations Pastor Chris at or via the church office.


In preparation for this year’s SALA exhibition, Miranda is looking for lots of unwanted hardback books with plain covers – if you have some, please bring to the office. Please note they will be folded, glued etc so are unable to be returned in readable condition.

Bakery Goods

A member of the congregation will be bringing in leftover Bakers Delight goods on Sundays.  There will be a table set up in the breezeway, please help yourself.

Family Service – 5 JUNE

We will be having our family service on Sunday 5 June.  If you or your child would like to be involved in anyway in the service please speak to Chris Bowman or Alice Young.  We would love to have as many young people involved as possible.

M&M Kids Camp

Registrations for M&M (Missions & Me) Kids Camp have officially opened! M&M Camp is for kids in years 3-6 and focusses in a fun way on Global Missions and culture.

There is always bountiful fun to be had at M&M Kids Camp – games, crafting, worshipping, eating, making friends, and learning about mission and other cultures. 

This year, camp is 9th-11th July, at Mylor Adventure Camp

Further details are available at or by contacting Kids Church Team at

Westcare Emergency relief request

Due to increased need in recent months, our WestCare Centre is running extremely low on: 

  • 1 litre milk – full cream
  • Pasta sauce  
  • Tinned tomatoes
  • Tinned soups (all kinds)  
  • Small cans of tuna  
  • Cereal (all kinds)  
  • Cups of noodles  
  • Canned spaghetti and baked beans  
  • Canned fruits  
  • Pasta  
  • Rice  
  • Canned meat, ham or corned beef  
  • Savoury and sweet snacks 

Please leave any donations in the grey tubs at the front of the church or in the breezeway.  Thank you for your support and care.


Growth Groups are a vital way of sharing our lives, building relationships, and growing in faith together. Now is a great time to join! We have a wide range of Growth Groups to suit different needs.


  • Young Adults Group – 7pm. Speak to Jason Hoet
  • Monday Men’s Group – 7:30pm. Speak to Kristin Lewis
  • NEW Retirees Group – fortnightly 10:00 am. Speak to Helen Flavel.


  • Mumbo Jumbo – 7:30pm. Speak to Tim Badger
  • Forty Niners – Second of month 1:30pm. Speak to Laurie Lucas
  • Coffee & Connect – First of month 9:30am. Speak to Marg Humphrys
  • Women’s Prayer Group –fortnightly 6:30pm. Speak to Debra Vinecombe


  • NEW Weeknight Women’s Group – 7pm. Speak to Miranda Dixon


  • Men’s Group –fortnightly 7:30pm. Speak to Jason Hoet
  • KYB Women’s Group –fortnightly 9:30am. Speak to Miranda Dixon


  • Saturday Night Live – First Saturday of the month 6pm. Speak to Chris Graves


  • Sunday Women’s Group – 9am. Speak to Tara Kimber
  • Young Families Group – lunch / afternoon monthly. Speak to Naomi Beames
  • Girls Prayer Group – fortnightly 5:30pm. Speak to Miranda Dixon
  • NEW Junior Girls Prayer Group –fortnightly 4:30pm. Speak to Miranda Dixon

If you are interested in a group, speak to the listed facilitator – they would love to talk with you.

If you are unsure what group might suit you or can’t find the right group, please speak to Miranda.