Life is even tougher
when you struggle alone

Mobilising people for generous service

All followers of Jesus are to bring the life and love of Jesus in service to the world he loves.

All of us can, all of us are needed. Each one of us has a unique opportunity in how we make this contribution.

No one is ‘superfluous to requirements’.

What is your unique contribution?

God has shaped you with unique passions and skills


What things do you care deeply about?


What do you know and enjoy teaching to others?


What things do you enjoy doing?


Who do you connect with?

You can Commit to Care!

It doesn't take programs to demonstrate God's love. It takes people noticing needs and caring for one another. This is to be encouraged and celebrated!

At times people may not have the support they require. For these people our Pastoral Care Team connect those in need with those who can help. You can register to be a person the Pastoral care team could connect with to provide care.

You could show care in the following ways


Pray on the behalf of others.

  • Support people by bringing their concerns and needs to our Gracious God in prayer.

One on One Care

Build a caring relationship with another person.

  • Be a voice on the phone or a friend to have a coffee with as people journey through easy and hard times.
  • Be present, listen and pray when someone is sick, lonely or elderly

Practical Care

Make a difference by helping practically.

  • Meals can make a huge difference in times of need.
  • Transport – Assisting people in bringing them to church or medical appointments can encourage connection and help.
  • Gardening – provide gardening to people in need or in service of our Church community.
  • Handy Skills – provide painting, carpentry, general house maintenance, trade skills to people in need or in service of our Church community.

Creative Care

Use creative gifts to demonstrate God's love.

  • This could be making and writing cards for people, a lawyer willing to donate time and expertise on occasions, a musician willing to play for people who are lonely or in grief, helping when someone has computer issues.

Opportunities to serve

Currently we have the following practical opportunities available in our church. In addition to this list are the various ministries and groups which we would love you to participate in!

Contact Church Staff
to register interest.

Administration Needs

  • General maintenance people
  • Team Leader for Maintenance team
  • AM Service morning tea roster
  • AM Service welcome roster
  • Scan paper records for record keeping
  • IT skills
  • Website skills
  • Social Media Skills
  • Graphic Design Skills

Children’s Ministry


  • URGENT A volunteer for 3 weeks to replace a Mini Ups’ Leader (approx. 5 early learning and reception aged children) - commitment … 3 Sundays this term
  • Helpers in Little Tots (Creche)
    commitment … 3 Sundays a term
    Leaders/Helpers/ Youth Buddies for Kids’ Church  - commitment … 3 Sundays a term
  • Someone to sharpen pencils and check textas  - commitment … 30mins once a month (electric pencil sharpener)


  • Volunteers to join the Tuesday and Wednesday teams 9:30-11:30am
    commitment … a Tuesday or a Wednesday during school term
    Or … as a regular but less frequent team member
  • Or … as someone we can call when regular team members are absent
    what will you need to do … arrive in time to help set up, greet and connect with adults, keep a general eye on the children (they are the responsibility of their parent/carer), help pack up


  • (used for Playgroups, KYB Creche, Kids’ Church)
    Someone to blow/sweep up leaves and bark around the Playgroup area - commitment … once a fortnight
  • Helpers for end of term thorough cleaning of Tinsley Hall - commitment … usually a Wednesday am or pm during the school holidays


  • Creche helpers - commitment … Thursday am 9:30 -11:00 during school term

Events Catering Team

A team of about 4 people to be “go to” people to help when we have an event. A team leader would be a bonus. Occasions like funerals, seminars, brunches

  • The role (Helper) would involve: Helping with making, arranging or purchasing food and drinks
  • Helping with setting up (food and drinks) and decorating tables/room if needed
  • The role (Team Leader)
  • Meeting with Heather to discuss food choices, themes, quantities, ideas for creating a unique and successful event
  • Co-ordinate helpers and oversee kitchen

Street Party Team Leaders

  • (would organize – with help from Heather if necessary – a team to help them)
  • Set up (seating, tables, trestles, marquees). Instruct the helpers with what to do
  • Lighting (Decorative). Put up lights in trees and across the street Café – co-ordinate food and tea/coffee stall
  • Styling – decorating the area (Christmas tree, café tables, front of church/porch). Creating a colour theme and party environment
  • Entertainment – arrange buskers/entertainment from 6 – 7:30pm
  • Youth games – liaise with Simon and arrange equipment for activities/games for youth
  • Clean up the street and car park prior to setup